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Community Mgers and Mods


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It doesn't make sense to me that community managers are becoming a hot role to hire for while being called a Discord / Twitch mod is the Internet's playground insult.

To put it into perspective, Discord and Twitch mods were community managers long before the role had a name for its job. Between 4 – 8 hour periods as Twitch streamers

In conclusion, ______. Besides, if the Internet really needs a set of people to become comparable playground insults, it's reply guys — those guys really have problems.

Nadia Le, mods Design Buddies (biggest design community @ 19k members)

To start off in regards to my history with Design Buddies, I joined the community almost a year ago in May 2020 - when it was merely at around 1,000 members. I had Grace Ling, the founder of Design Buddies, on LinkedIn since late 2018-early 2019 actually! We reconnected on the professional social media platform, and I messaged her if she was looking for someone to design a potential website for Design Buddies. At the time, I had completed a marketing internship that ended up not being fulfilling and wanted to go back to my roots in design - but in UX/UI, to be exact. I ended up becoming one of the founding Admins of the 20,000 member (and growing!) community that many of you are familiar with today. I became an Admin as I was now looking to break into the UX field, after having previously come from a marketing & communications background. But when it comes to UX, it appears to be a super highly saturated career path just to get into - and one that requires a lot of hustle and drive, when you’re just starting off learning the basics of it all. Therefore, I realized I needed to do as many things as I can to get familiar with UX, which included immersing myself in the greater design community. That was what led to me contacting Grace to be an Admin for Design Buddies.

I am one of the Community Lead Admins for Design Buddies. Basically, my responsibilities are to watch the server and maintain our positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment at all times. I make sure that users post on the appropriate channel(s), and if they’re unsure as to which channel to post on (we have over 50+ channels!), or if a post is suitable for Design Buddies, we welcome them to submit their inquiries to a bot called ModMail, which acts as a centralized hub for the Admin team to view and respond to user messages in a fast, efficient, and convenient manner. If we get trolls, we act fast and boot them out. These are what my responsibilities entail, and I do just that, first thing each day - open Discord, check all the unread channels from overnight, and respond to users and any inquiries they might have. If the Admin team has posted any updates on our “Admin-only” channel, I also check that too. Since we have members from all over the world, in many different timezones, I watch Design Buddies all 7 days a week. The admins do not have shifts - we go on the server whenever we are available and have downtime. For me, the time that I spend on Discord varies though, depending on how busy I am with other life commitments. Since I started my full-time job back in December, I’m mostly on the server after work hours during the evenings now. During the weekends, I check Discord sporadically. None of the admins, including myself, do not get monetarily compensated. We admin and give back to the design community because we all share a common vision, which is to connect and support designers of all backgrounds and skillsets!

Izuna, Han mods Mayuko's Twitch and Discord

Ollie Forsythe, moderates Community for PEP (Li Jin)

Compare community JDs to what these guys do