New-age Crafts for Newcraft

New-age Crafts for Newcraft

Mar 26, 2021 10:04 AM

New-age crafts for Newcraft

Across several ad-hoc stretches of time in 2020, I contracted for Newcraft to work on design and marketing campaigns. I worked closely with Cam Sadler, CEO at Newcraft, and Alena Rajwani, who previously worked on Growth.

New Take on Merchandise

One of my first projects from Cam was to create a fresh take on shirts / crewnecks for developers in Newcraft's developer community. I was heavily inspired by the jersey style that many esports organizations were adopting, so I played around with that and introduced a single jersey number (Newcraft's slogan at the time was that it could get you hired in "20 minutes or less") to create the iterations below:


Hiring Manager Podcast + Graphics

As part of a content series that Newcraft was trying out, I helped Alena set up a remote podcast with Jusung. Additionally, as Alena was recording the podcast, I stood standby for any immediate help that I could offer and after, mixed and edited the episode. Finally, I also created a set of graphics that accompanied the podcast for different socials — see below:


Future of Hiring

In line with Newcraft's product launch, I produced a teaser Twitter video about the product and its main appeal: allowing folks to get hired in less than 20 minutes, starring yours truly! Done in Screenflow and three takes. Check out the launch on Twitter here!