Audio and a Profile for LTSE

Audio and a Profile for LTSE

Dec 22, 2020 9:46 AM

Audio work for LTSE

In conjunction with LTSE's product launch in late 2020, I was contracted to create launch-adjacent, promotional audio content.

Podcast Mixing

I mixed and edited a handful of show episodes that featured Mawulom Nenonene, LTSE's Head of Talent, and Tara Teich, LTSE's VP of Engineering.

Tara Teich's Engineering Profile

For this project, I was given the raw mp3 file of an unaired podcast episode that dove deep into Tara's background — on how she got to her role at LTSE, what her mantra around engineering is, etc — and given instruction to "make it pop" otherwise they would discard it. In collaboration with my favorite illustrator + no-comment-on-favorite sibling, Kimberly Handoko, I brainstormed and produced an engineering profile page for Tara, deconstructing the podcast into segments that would help anyone get to know LTSE's VP of Engineering through soundbites of answers.


I edited and mixed the audio, spliced the conversation into pieces that I thought told a holistic story, and transcribed these audio pieces, allowing anyone who wanted to get to know Tara through segments in lieu of an hour-long podcast to be able to. LTSE ended up not throwing away the audio. You can interact with the experience here.