Big creator and their teams:

  • TaehaTypes
  • Mayuko
  • Sneaky?

Mid-size creators:

  • Paolo's team

I have 15-20 mods, usually 4 or 5 are active every time I stream. I don't have an editor because I don't really trust anyone yet with that responsibility.

If I ever do get to the point where I trust an individual to by personal editor for my stream, that'd probably be only gap that needs to be filled right now.

I'd probably just need an editor. As for having a content manager, I'd only ever consider that if I were to expand outside of TFT.

I'd probably just ask my friends/community for ideas KEKW

  • Yoonah's team?

Small creators

  • Spend time in their Twitch chats and ask them who they're looking to hire next

How do mods get hired — close firends