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Community Mgers and Mods


Name brainstorm:

  • Creator-adjacent roles
  • Creatorside roles (play on kingside / queenside castles)

Who do creators have on their team, what are the sizes of these creators

  • Find the role that all creators no matter the size seem to NEED — what is this role, why? Are they getting paid?

Who are the roles that are completely needed in creating and what are future cool roles to have?

  • Editors (priority) — give you more content per stream Gary Vee effect, make you more funny in a sense (see Sanch / Sneaky editors)
  • ** Devs / Michael Reeves as a Service - build you meme-y things to make stream / etc. more interactive compared to other streamers (pee counter, drill that goes off on sub)
  • ** Twitch / Discord mods / Community pulsers - throw you freebies of things to riff / make content on as the sort of card-holding teleprompters before your stream / while stream is going on — they're closely monitoring chat and async community of what people are KEKW-ing at

"Why try so hard by yourself to be a personality / create good content that gets on LSF / becomes a viral clip and makes you bigger when you can have a team to help you do that easily?"

Earning potentials for these roles

  • How do you go about being a mod / creaotr-adjacent role? What's earning like and why do you do it?

Ludwig mods being paid $1000/day to moderate Twitch streams — how many streamers are paying their mods?

Sandy Lin — who’s on her team helping her pumping out TTs? Internally discern which ones are relevant + use Em info on pay

  • Sandy - founder + face of TTs
  • Simran Khanna - head of program development
  • Cathy Guan - program development manager
  • Paris Wang - head of marketing
  • Emily Kim - social media manager
  • Dayanne - email marketing coordinator
  • Kaitlin - graphic design manager
  • Vivian - head of operations


  • It’s me, Andrew, Vinh, Brandon, and Michael. That’s a combination of cinematographers, set designers, motion graphics specialists, and myself.
  • Hiring for
    • Video Editing/Production
    • Camera work
    • Audio Editor/Recordist
    • Podcast Producer
    • Tech Writing/Editing/Research
    • Graphic Designer: Photography/Thumbnails

Mayuko's mods (26.1k on Twitch)


  • Taeha? Send cold DM about who’s on his team

Sneaky — 2 editors


  • Paolo? Send Twitch DM about who’s on his team

Non-conversations to research:

  • Sneaky has 2 editors? Mods? Discord mods?

Michael Reeves / custom stream overlays as a service:

  • michael reeves piss counter or whatever lmao
  • tiktok filter creator

live video sub / overlay to make things more funny? accessibility in making every stream accessible to deaf viewers with subs, transaltions

  • korean reactions are pretty good in variety games
  • faker live subs

what other LIVE experiences are there (think about it)

  • air stewardesses to see if you’re doing ok?
  • ushers during concerts to make you get back to your seat ok
  • sound mixers in dj sets
  • etc etc etc

Community Mgrs and Mods

Mods: find you what people are KEKW-ing at in community, moderate your chat — get pulse + manage your community

Community Mgr: surface good community thoughts, run all things community — get pulse + manage your community

Despite this, why mods community roles not getting paid the $$$ like their community manager counterpart?

  • Interview Discord / Twitch mods — why do you do it? What's the goal?
  • Interview top community managers (Commsor)

Discord / Twitch mods run socials in shifts from 4-8 hours a day virtually for free

Twitch seemed to roll out features to rule out mods earlier (slow mode, follower / sub only mode)

It doesn't make sense to me that community managers are becoming a hot role to hire for while being called a Discord / Twitch mod is today's Internet playground insult.

To put it into perspective, Discord and Twitch mods were community managers long before the role had a name for its job. Between 4 – 8 hour periods as Twitch streamers

In conclusion, ______. Besides, if the Internet really needs a set of people to become comparable playground insults, it's reply guys — those guys really have problems.

Questions for Mods

  • What's a "shift" like? How many hours are you moderating and what does that look like?
  • Best parts of your job
    • Hardest / worst parts
  • How long until you quit?
  • How did you make this happen for yourself? ie. How did this get started, how did you pitch yourself becoming a mod
    • What was your relationship with creator pre-becoming a mod?
  • Are you getting paid?
  • etc